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bourgeoisie / буржуазия
имя существительное
имя существительное
the middle class, typically with reference to its perceived materialistic values or conventional attitudes.
The legacy of Stalinism has been to create massive confusion in the former-Soviet working class, which has enabled the national bourgeoisies to re-establish themselves on the same lines as in 1920.
the landed gentry were replaced by a local bourgeoisie
But this has been carried out exclusively in the interests of the bourgeoisie and at the expense of the working class.
Whatever the referendum result, the bourgeoisie will press ahead with its offensive against the working class.
The rise of the bourgeoisie at the end of the eighteenth century created a demand for more pictures.
the rise of the bourgeoisie at the end of the eighteenth century
In fact, the remaking of the bourgeoisie was much more limited than the remaking of bourgeois values.
When the age of catacombs arrives, the word is not highly valued for the intellectual bourgeoisie .
In short, he shared the attitude of a large section of the German bourgeoisie .
The working class cannot rely on the corrupt and reactionary bourgeoisie to defend democratic rights or oppose fascism.
That means that in capitalist economies the bourgeoisie will be the ruling class.