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bourbon / бурбон, реакционер, бисквит с шоколадной начинкой
имя существительное
bourbon, bourbon whisky
reactionary, rightist, royalist, reactionist, conservative, bourbon
бисквит с шоколадной начинкой
имя существительное
a straight whiskey distilled from a mash having at least 51 percent corn in addition to malt and rye.
Of course, the menu also offers an extension selection of cognacs, single malts, bourbons and other whiskies, together with beer and wine suggestions.
имя существительное
the surname of a branch of the royal family of France. The Bourbons ruled France from 1589, when Henry IV succeeded to the throne, until the monarchy was overthrown in 1848, and reached the peak of their power under Louis XIV in the late 17th century. Members of this family have also been kings of Spain (1700–1931 and since 1975).
a reactionary.
Some historians say populism failed because southern Bourbons were able to exploit racial fears and antagonisms and thus split the movement in half in its core region.
a rose of a variety that flowers over a long period and has a rich scent. It arose as a natural hybrid on the island of Réunion (formerly Île de Bourbon) and was introduced into Europe in the early 19th century.
Given the study name ‘Fairmount Proserpine,’ the charmer is very likely an early Bourbon rose , quite possibly the rare cultivar ‘Proserpine’ introduced in 1841.
The bourbon and tequila will also tenderize the meat, but if left too long, the meat will caramelize - that's bad.
Furnished in much red velvet plush, it's dark and decadent with a stunning choice of whiskies and bourbon .
he moved to the sideboard to pour himself a bourbon
Leaning on the counter for balance, I nearly clear knocked our paper-bag wrapped bottle of bourbon onto the floor.
As an aside, I will note that I drank bourbon and ginger ales throughout this extravaganza.
Marie nodded and then poured some more bourbon on the wound, to disinfect it.
Nearly all rum is aged in used oak barrels once used to mature bourbon or other whiskies.
Not all people enjoy the bitter taste of beer, so it is a good idea to have some delicious vodka or bourbon as a taste alternative.
He had a fag in hand and 19 bourbon and cokes lined up down the bar.
You try mixing Thunderbird and rotgut bourbon and see how you feel.