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bounty / щедрость, премия, подарок
имя существительное
generosity, bounty, lavishness, largesse, liberality, munificence
premium, prize, award, bonus, bounty, purse
gift, present, presentation, bounty, donative, pledge
щедрый подарок
правительственная премия
имя существительное
generosity; liberality.
for millennia the people along the Nile have depended entirely on its bounty
a monetary gift or reward, typically given by a government, in particular.
Those who do good will receive a bounty of gifts and those who run afoul of Santa will suffer through another holiday with only lumps of coal to warm their heart.
имя существительное
a ship of the British navy on which in 1789 part of the crew, led by Fletcher Christian, mutinied against their commander, William Bligh, and set him adrift in an open boat with eighteen crewmen.
Not everyone we interviewed who had accessed the internet described it as an unalloyed bounty .
For each user it acquired through some of those deals, the company typically agreed to pay a bounty of at least a dollar.
Equally white in The Sow's Litter, five well-rounded piglets enjoy their dam's bounty as she inspects her neat pail and trough of fodder.
She loves learning about nature and its bounty .
There's a referral bounty , so even if you're not looking, you might want to check out the PDF and forward it to those who are.
there was an increased bounty on his head
He'd sent him to the South American jungle knowing there was a bounty on his head.
The bounty of Creation is daily evidence of a living, giving Creator, and in the Northwest there is no more moving evidence of such giving than a thriving run of salmon.
You have a $20 million bounty on his head, are forced to live in a cave, and the most elite military units in the history of the world are trying to hunt you down.
It's a time of bounty , gathering in and the sharing of the harvest.