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boundless / безграничный, бескрайний, беспредельный
имя прилагательное
boundless, limitless, unlimited, infinite, unbounded, borderless
boundless, immense, horizonless
boundless, unlimited, infinite, limitless, spaceless, unbounded
boundless, vast, shoreless, landless, vasty
boundless, horizonless
имя прилагательное
unlimited; immense.
enthusiasts who devote boundless energy to their hobby
Endless prosperity and boundless new highs in the stock market were ours to enjoy forever.
Dutch jazz has a light heart and a joyful swing, and this quartet brings boundless energy and excitement to its live gigs.
She amazed everybody with her genuine interest, indepth knowledge and boundless energy.
That is astonishing scoring yet his intimidation factor has become as immense as his seemingly boundless talent.
Reluctant at first to take on the job, Micko returned with boundless enthusiasm to tackle a fresh challenge.
As I watched this film, an eager victim of its boundless will to astound, I found my loyal memories of the book beginning to fade.
Not merely a gargantuan egotist with boundless artistic ambition, he was a prankster on a grand scale.
Every week, he would arrive on stage, bursting with boundless energy.
The third kind of knife was the immense and boundless rage directed against him.
We will multiply and prosper such that our empire is infinite and our ingenuity boundless .