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bounder / пройдоха, прохвост, развязный человек
имя существительное
slicker, rapscallion, shuffler, bounder, tod, sharker
scallywag, bounder, scalawag
развязный человек
шумливый человек
имя существительное
a dishonorable man.
he is nothing but a fortune-seeking bounder
The charming Tim is a lying bounder and desperate for money to feed his fantasy life as a successful high flyer.
It's a measure of population growth, which (unless he's more of a bounder than we know) he is not responsible for.
But Bennett was, of course, despised by the intelligentsia because the bounder made money from literature.
The verve of the author's performance can make it hard to see the whole picture clearly; in reading it I felt almost as if I were being charmed by a bounder; but is he a bounder ?
For example, I think stable means unchanging or changing slowly, and decent means not a cad or a bounder .
Brought up to believe her dad is an abandoned bounder , Pam is surprised to discover Paul is a bit of a charmer.
This is necessary because fiddling the regimental books is clearly the action of a bounder and a cad, and shows an unheroic concern for money.
Many see the casting as ironic because Wickham is something of a bounder who eventually elopes with one of the Bennett girls.
he is nothing but a fortune-seeking bounder
It's often been hinted that he was something of a bounder .