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bouncy / упругий, жизнерадостный
имя прилагательное
elastic, resilient, springy, bouncy, spring, taut
resilient, sanguine, buoyant, debonair, blithe, bouncy
имя прилагательное
bouncing well.
a bouncy ball
My medium length black hair was left out in bouncy curls today.
That's one of those bouncy chairs on a spring that you affix to the top of a door.
They wrote bouncy , catchy tunes that were deceptively sophisticated.
She had long, bouncy brown hair that tumbled down her face.
Surf clam is one of those bouncy items in which resilience becomes a value, and it's not for everyone.
The sausage was in the bouncy Germanic tradition (I go for meatier, more crumbly ones, but that's a style preference) and topped with traditional caramelised white onions.
Then you'll be all fit and bouncy for another trip to Boston at lunch-time.
What with Red's bright red hair and Jocelyn's bouncy , light brown curls, they were quite a match.
Her usual bouncy hair was flat, and there were black lines on her cheeks where tears had washed away her makeup.
Because your face is beautifully balanced, long layered locks, bouncy bobs or choppy crops all work well for you.