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boules / кряж
имя существительное
a metal ball used in the French game of boules , a form of lawn bowling played on rough ground.
My own choice would include a game of boules , their magnificent double hammock and their linen lavender eye pillow to soothe away tension while lying in said hammock.
a legislative body of ancient or modern Greece.
The membership of the boule (council chamber) was then made up of 50 members of each tribe, elected by lot for a year, and each month the complement of one of the tribes - 50 people - would act as a sort of upper house.
In the same week, six members travelled to Hartley Country Club to play petanque or boules .
Like its close relation, bowls, the idea is for three-member teams to deliver boules , steel spheres about three inches in diameter, as close to the target ball as possible.
it is an offshoot of boules , but with different rules, and using a partially sloped pitch.
The sport, also known as boules , is a fast-growing pastime as Quebecers increasingly become intent on the art of tossing a ball near a wood peg.
For sport in the garden, there is traditional boules and croquet, another game we borrowed from France.
The basic rules of the game involve trying to toss your silver boules to land as close as possible to the smaller ‘jack’.
The plan was simple - find a bunch of old French fellas playing boules , interrupt with garbled explanation and launch one of their boule from my shoulder before they know what's hit them.
The charity Scope is piloting a game for people with cerebral palsy called bocce, which is similar to the French game of boules .
But when the package was blown up in a controlled explosion it was found to be a harmless package of French-style bowling balls, or boules .
For the French, the sport borders on a national obsession, but enthusiasts in Stockport are hoping the sound of metal boules on gravel will become a traditional feature of the English summer.