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boulder / валун, галька
имя существительное
boulder, bowlder, rubble, nodule
pebble, shingle, beach, boulder, jack, nodule
имя существительное
a large rock, typically one that has been worn smooth by erosion.
The organisation said the most numerous relics were rock carvings found on boulders and outcrops.
имя существительное
a city in north central Colorado, northwest of Denver, home to the University of Colorado; population 94,171 (est. 2008).
The boys ascended a steep slope of pink rock to hide behind a boulder and watch.
The reverie was broken as if someone hurled a boulder into a smooth flowing stream.
Raised beds are often contained by large well fitted boulders or split granite.
A natural row of boulders formed a sort of perimeter to the city though I noticed no evidence of any actual wall.
The rescue efforts were also hampered by huge boulders , broken tree trunks and thick mud.
The hard bedrock prevented deep sockets being excavated, so the stones were supported by boulders .
The trail narrowed, weaving round giant boulders and overhangs of smooth rock.
The Spey snakes between rolling hills, with stretches of bouldery rapids and limpid pools where salmon leap and plop.
In the morning we scrambled up through snow and bouldery scree and bagged an 8,500-foot peak.
Launching the craft from the base of a steep bank of boulders we push onto a serene section of river in bright morning sunshine.