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bouillon / бульон, суп
имя существительное
bouillon, broth, clear soup
soup, broth, bisque, bouillon, bisk
имя существительное
a broth made by stewing meat, fish, or vegetables in water.
Combine the instant dashi or vegetable bouillon powder and boiling water in a saucepan, stirring well.
Let simmer 1 kg of codfish filets in this bouillon for 10 minutes.
Add 3 cups hot water and bouillon to taste (or instead, add 3 cups hot broth), and the cheese rind.
If you are nauseated, you could try taking sips of 7-up, ginger ale, fruit juice, tea, broth, tonic water or bouillon .
For example, marinating chicken in chicken-flavored bouillon may increase the palatability of the meat.
Heat water and add bouillon , onions, carrots, spices, and turkey.
In the early 199Os, for example, Bestfoods started an import operation in Russia, using a small sales force to sell bouillon and soups from Polish and Slovak firms.
Divide veal, scallions, Brussels sprouts, sake, bone marrow and bouillon into four bowls.
Many, in fact, mentioned a trend in London for a drink made with beef bouillon called the Bloody Bull, basically a Bloody Mary with the beef bouillon added.
Chill stock in an ice bath and reserve for bouillon .
The legendary peasant woman kept a pot-au-feu or bouillon pot on her hearth and, myth has it, threw into it whatever she had around to stew for the day's meal.