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bouffant / начес
имя существительное
bouffant, fleece
имя прилагательное
lush, luxuriant, sumptuous, opulent, gingerbread, bouffant
wide, broad, general, large, full, bouffant
free, spare, leisure, loose, easy, bouffant
имя прилагательное
(of a person's hair) styled so as to puff out in a rounded shape.
a blonde lady with bouffant hair
имя существительное
a bouffant hairstyle.
The men sport meticulous buzzcuts or sculpted bouffants , while the women swell suggestively beneath their modest attire.
The predominance of bouffant silver hair and whiskers was most impressive.
Fashion's current obsession with all things 1960s makes bouffant hair a big trend.
And three years ago Elizabeth Taylor briefly abandoned her trademark black bouffant for shocking silver, and what an impact it made.
She'd look marvelous in a bouffant , don't you think?
With her sparkling frocks and big, bouffant hair, she was always popping up on Top of the Pops, belting out hits like My Simple Heart and When Will I See You Again?
The costumes and makeup (copious black eyeliner, bouffant hairdos) reflect the fashions of the 1960s rather than the novel's Regency setting.
On her first major public engagement in Ireland, she chose to wear a bouffant hair style, short Sixties-style tweed suit and black patent sling backs.
The 80s has always been regarded as the decade that style forgot and amongst all the bouffant hair, shoulder pads, lycra and make-up (for the guys) its easy to see why.
One small detail would be that Sean Penn's character is made up to look a bit TOO sadistic, with his bouffant hair style and coiled facial hair coming off as a bit too mean.
She retreats behind a dressing screen, changing into a more chic, black dress and ripping the blonde, bouffant wig off her head.