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boudoir / будуар
имя существительное
boudoir, bower
имя существительное
a woman's bedroom or private room.
The décor of ‘male’ and ‘female’ rooms was distinguished, with dark panelling prevalent in dining and billiard rooms, lighter plasterwork in drawing rooms, boudoirs , and bedrooms.
Make your way past the alabaster nudes and sepia prints of West in better days; step over the polar bear shagpile rug, and into the salmon-pink inner sanctum of her boudoir , and what would you find?
The boudoir began as the small room with a dressing table adjoining the bedroom.
In the tome, full of glamorous soft-focus pictures of the footballer, he waxes lyrical about the art of seduction, with fish his favourite weapon for luring girlfriends from the dining room to the boudoir .
This doesn't mean your living room needs to take on the look of a boudoir - keep backgrounds, walls and furniture simple.
A precious opium-eating den, with a boudoir for hire and an elegant powder room, this hangout is lavish and otherworldly.
His private boudoir was heaped with the stuff, and there was a full-length mirror hung above the bed.
The majority take the theme of boy meets girl as their starting point, but some have extra qualities that make them more suited to the boudoir than the bathroom.
Alternatively, transform your living room into a bohemian boudoir : the Moulin Rouge nightclub, Paris.
So smooth, indeed, are the transitions he effects that we find ourselves in the boudoir even before we realise we have left the marketplace behind.
The empress's favourite, and perhaps more, he is admitted to her private boudoir in the Little Hermitage.