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bottom / дно, низ, основание
имя существительное
bottom, bed, underworld
base, basis, reason, bottom, foundation, ground
имя прилагательное
lower, bottom, under, inferior, nether, caudal
low, lower, poor, deep, short, bottom
last, latest, latter, recent, final, bottom
under, below, in, beneath, underneath, bottom
base, found, establish, rest, ground, bottom
добираться до сути дела
bottom, think through
имя существительное
the lowest point or part.
the bottom of the page
the buttocks.
he climbs the side of the gorge, scratching his bottom unselfconsciously
the second half of an inning.
the bottom of the ninth
one of six flavors of quark.
Each quark can be chosen from any of six flavours: up, down, strange, charm, bottom and top.
(of a performance or situation) reach the lowest point before stabilizing or improving.
interest rates have bottomed out
имя прилагательное
in the lowest position.
the books on the bottom shelf
The cartoon can be found near the bottom of this page in the ‘cartoons’ section.
Heresy and a whiff of black magic are at the bottom of it.
The first clown I buddied up with spent the entire dive hurtling between the bottom and the surface.
Ensure good drainage by inserting a good layer, three to four inches deep, of gravel or shattered clay pots at the bottom of your container.
People who buy stock in these companies under American law wind up at the bottom of the totem pole in the bankruptcy proceeding.
It was going to be a long trek down to where it rested near the bottom of the mountain.
As of 2000, this top layer had an income 10 times that of the bottom fifth of families.
At the very end of this long table was a rather large chair edged with more gold upon which the king himself sat his royal bottom .
The district is beginning to climb away from its position near the bottom of the national league.
I cut strips from the bottom of the sarong and sliced slits in the waist of the bikini bottom .