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bottleneck / узкое место, пробка, узкий проход
имя существительное
узкое место
bung, cork, plug, stopper, traffic jam, bottleneck
узкий проход
narrow, throat, bottleneck, gut
создавать затор
создавать пробку
имя существительное
the neck or mouth of a bottle.
a point of congestion or blockage, in particular.
I reached Chicago at 5: 30 p.m. and spent an hour - only an hour - making my way through America's biggest bottleneck .
a device shaped like the neck of a bottle, worn on a guitarist's finger to produce special sound effects.
He uses shadowy ghostings of pedal steel or slide blues tonality, though there are no bottlenecks in sight.
From watching fellow guitarist Son House, he was inspired to develop his own bottleneck slide technique.
This bottleneck is one even police are finding difficult to handle.
As the manufacturing sector continues to grow at a dizzying rate, this is creating a bottleneck in the fast lane of economic development and is an even more pressing problem than power shortages.
The traffic bottleneck at Main Street, which has forced motorists to drive onto the footpath, has been a bone of contention for some considerable time.
When Fred sat down with his guitar and a bottleneck , everyone joined in.
narrow streets and a lack of parking space combine to make the town a bottleneck
The continuing bottleneck will inevitably mean more severe congestion, particularly at busy times such as the February half-term, Easter, and the May Day and Spring Bank Holiday periods.
Passengers were yesterday promised improved East Coast rail services after a bottleneck on the route was removed with the opening of a new section of track.
Remember, if you're constructing a gaming system, use components of equivalent design, or one or the other will just become a bottleneck , and ruin system performance altogether.
We are in process of tweaking WebBench to increase the workload per client to see if one server system hits a bottleneck before the other, and we will report results if we are successful.