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bottle-feed / бутылка подачи
кормить из бутылочки
feed (a baby) with milk from a bottle instead of from the mother's breast.
a bottle-fed baby
But most of the girls I know have chosen to bottle-feed their babies and I don't think there was ever really any decision in it for them.
Parents who bottle-feed their babies may want to try a different formula.
A lot of patients wonder about allergies, so you could try changing his feed if he's bottle-fed .
Most bottle-fed infants should be able to get their daily requirements of vitamin D from formula, because all infant formulas sold in the United States contain a sufficient amount of vitamin D.
Diana was surprised when doctors asked her whether she would be breast- or bottle-feeding her new baby.
Most babies are bottle-fed , but some mothers still breast-feed their babies until the first teeth appear.
Along with four half-hour feeding sessions a day, the cubs are being bottle-fed and zoo veterinarians are confident they'll survive the unusual tiger rearing.
And practice bottle-feeding with your baby before you go back to work to smooth the transition from the breast and make it easier for a caregiver to feed him.
He wasn't about to let Pearl show him up with the bottle-feeding though.
If the infant is bottle-fed , the mother should hold the infant when feeding, and the bottle should not be propped or placed in bed.