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bottle / бутылка, флакон, бутыль
имя существительное
bottle, flask
bottle, vial, flask, flacon
bottle, flask
имя прилагательное
разливать по бутылкам
bottle, bottle off
catch, capture, pick up, catch hold of, hook, bottle
хранить в бутылках
имя существительное
a container, typically made of glass or plastic and with a narrow neck, used for storing drinks or other liquids.
a bottle of soda pop
place (drinks or other liquid) in bottles or jars.
the wine is then bottled
I fumbled in his baby bag for his bottle and formula before asking a flight attendant for a cup of warm water.
The baby was dressed in a clean shirt and a fresh diaper and there was a bottle of baby's milk nearby.
He made the announcement this morning, saying he made the decision over a bottle of Chardonnay at the weekend after he and wife Helena had decided his time had come to move on.
We got through a bottle of St Emellion, which doesn't really go with Indian food, but fortified us for the drama ahead.
But they fed her milk from a baby's bottle and she has blossomed.
She did as she was told and trotted off into the kitchen and she looked around for a glass bottle containing a colorless liquid.
the team showed a bit of bottle today
more women are taking to the bottle
For example, the alcoholic content of a bottle of wine must be indicated and also its origin and where the wine was bottled.
Spending extra on a bottle and nipples in order to get the correct mouthfeel and traces of rubber would be out of the question.