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bothy / хибарка, помещение для рабочих
имя существительное
shack, hut, shanty, shebang, bothy, hutch
помещение для рабочих
имя существительное
(in Scotland) a small hut or cottage.
In East Kilbride, some of these lived in bothies on the farms, but most were based in the PoW camp, and were easy to spot walking around town wearing their distinctive brown uniforms with yellow diamonds.
Beyond the footbridge which crosses the River Dee to the old bothy at Corrour the narrow confines of the pass begin to widen out and one of Scotland's finest corries displays itself on the left.
They'd bought a Victorian shooting lodge and I lodged in the bothy .
We were in Sutherland and we'd planned to end up in a bothy for the night, but we came across a river.
But he had a series of breakdowns in his twenties and thirties, leading him at one point to live rough in a remote bothy in the Scottish Highlands.
Remote Ben-alder Cottage, now used as a bothy , suddenly appeared in front of me.
There are, in close proximity to the main house, stables and a bothy for staff accommodation, both of which give scope for imaginative conversion.
If you want something special - a posh country-house do, a snug bothy for two, a real treat for the kids or somewhere special for a big festive bash - you'll need to move fast.
A love of Shakespeare will help, however - those who sign up for a weekend course are likely to find themselves reciting Hamlet from a gusty hilltop, and bedding down for the night in a bothy .
From my bothy on the west coast I can see the mountains of Mull, and I joke that sometimes I can see New York.
The traditional farm buildings are located behind the farmhouse and include a bothy , stores, barn and livestock accommodation.