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bothersome / докучливый, надоедливый, беспокойный
имя прилагательное
bothersome, pesky, importunate, trying, everlasting, pestiferous
bothersome, annoying, pesky, boring, irksome, tiresome
restless, troubled, troublesome, hectic, anxious, bothersome
имя прилагательное
causing bother; troublesome.
most childhood stomachaches, though bothersome, aren't serious
To make things even more complicated, there's the bothersome business of fuel consumption and reliability.
Human skin particles, pollen, and smoke are all part of this bothersome brew of irritants.
I had strange, bothersome dreams last night that are still playing in my head.
Loud noises are bothersome , except when they come from you or your friends.
Commitment-phobes are all quite hurtful, but I find the last type most bothersome .
Their logic dictates that the chances of bothersome winter postponements are reduced by propelling matches forwards.
And I think that the result says something bothersome about the times in which we are living.
Both species begin to annoy us more with the onset of warmer weather and become quite bothersome if not kept under control.
Then I was stricken by one of those pre-emptive wake-ups that are usually so bothersome .
I wasn't sure quite what was so bothersome about it - other than the obvious obnoxiousness, of course.