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bother / беспокоить, беспокоиться, надоедать
worry, disturb, bother, trouble, harass, fret
worry, bother, trouble, concern, care, fret
bother, annoy, nag, bore, pall, pester
имя существительное
concern, anxiety, worry, trouble, disturbance, bother
trouble, bother, ado, botheration
источник беспокойства
bother, botheration, headache
имя существительное
effort, worry, or difficulty.
he saved me the bother of having to come up with a speech
take the trouble to do something.
nobody bothered locking the doors
(of a circumstance or event) worry, disturb, or upset (someone).
secrecy is an issue that bothers journalists
I couldn't believe he hadn't done that and saved all this bother .
You just need to be a little more relaxed yourself as you go through and not let the additional inconvenience bother you.
Don't bother with the scenic railway, grumped the driver who picked us up from the Megalong Valley once we'd landed.
scientists rarely bother with such niceties
She kept redialing and the interruptions didn't seem to bother her.
‘Oh, no, no, it is not a bother ,’ he quickly assured, vigorously shaking his head.
Later, based on this incident and a few others we'd witnessed, my friend and I concluded that avoiding crying saved a lot of bother .
Nobody was out, so why bother with trying to find a model?
This comment, though it might've been different under other circumstances, did not bother me at all.
Throughout all the fuss and bother , the Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft has been quietly going about its work of photographing the entire planet.