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botch / портить, неумело латать, делать небрежно
spoil, deteriorate, corrupt, ruin, mar, botch
неумело латать
делать небрежно
botch, slubber
имя существительное
patch, piece, botch, vamp
плохо сделанная работа
botch, cobble
имя существительное
a bungled or badly carried out task or action.
I've probably made a botch of things
carry out (a task) badly or carelessly.
the ability to take on any task without botching it
Soccer shoots-out make good theatre, too often arriving after highly-paid players have made a total botch of getting a result.
I've probably made a botch of things
Who could have known the administration would botch it so badly?
Like all reshuffles, last week's will prove a botch .
I've probably made a botch of things
All his enemies somehow must botch their attempts to kill him.
A Canvey teacher stranded in Australia because of a bureaucratic botch has made the dramatic decision to stay there for good.
Something tells us that the remake is going to be a botch .
He zips past at such a clip that I totally botch an attempted photo, which would only be a blur of U.S. Postal Service blue anyway.
As long as he doesn't break a leg or Ferrari doesn't make a huge botch of the 2003 car, then there's nothing to stop him.