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bot / гельминтоз, личинка овода, туберкулезный больной
имя существительное
bot, bott
личинка овода
bot, bott
туберкулезный больной
bot, bott
имя существительное
the larva of the botfly, which is an internal parasite of animals. It lives typically in the stomach, finally passing through the host's dung and pupating on the ground.
Traditionally, the most effective treatments for the control of horse bots have been applied at least 30 days after the first killing frost.
(chiefly in science fiction) a robot.
We've got a big expo coming up, and if you'd like to show off your bots , the Summer Robot Games & Expo in San Francisco is a great opportunity to do so.
used to form nouns denoting a computer program or robot with a very specific function.
I agree with most of those commenters, though, that the end of the conversation where Cameron first accuses the ‘bot’ of being a bot , and then claims to be one himself is handled with almost suspicious cleanliness.
He left the room, leaving the smoldering training robot for the cleaner bot to pick up.
Robots around the world fear the new bot , including Bender.
In fact someone suggested to me it might actually be a bot inserting random bits of text.
Perhaps an automated bot does it, the same way it scans for domain names and e-mail addresses.
Hence a spam bot could, and did, enter hundreds of unwanted spams in a matter of minutes into the comments of a largely unprotected weblog.
Also, my friend had an interesting idea: Why not write a bot that will automatically register EVERY telephone number in the US in the Do Not Call Registry?
The metaphor I'm happiest with is that the internal state of the bot is represented by a position (which may be discrete or smeared) in a dataspace.
I can separate real readers and bots from each other; Googlebot is a common visitor, but I know real people read my web site too.
Over the last decade, Melhuish's team has produced a string of bots powered by sugar, rotten apples, or dead flies.