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bossy / выпуклый, шишковатый, распоряжающийся всем
имя прилагательное
convex, protuberant, bulging, prominent, bulbous, bossy
gnarled, knobby, gnarly, bossy, tuberous, nubbly
распоряжающийся всем
имя существительное
cow, kine, beefs, beef, bossy, neat
meat, flesh, bossy, butcher's meat
имя прилагательное
fond of giving people orders; domineering.
she was headlong, bossy, scared of nobody, and full of vinegar
имя существительное
a cow or calf.
Alongside Karoo lamb, infused with those tough little Karoo bossies , the delicacy of the month could be Nahoon pork.
A person who knows how to take charge and organise others can also be bossy and dictatorial.
‘I like organising and I am fairly bossy ,’ says the mum-of-two.
Someone should slap me but I think it's minor retribution for her unnecessarily autocratic, bossy tendencies that once again reared up yesterday.
His cocky and bossy attitude was not one she liked, but she did go over for Rolandon's sake.
Albert lives with his domineering, bossy , bullying, unhappy, horrible mother.
I'm bossy , and that's why I want to be a producer.
One ex-housemate, who did not want to be named, described him as a man who was difficult to get along with, very bossy and ‘imposing’.
Her father left and her mother worked all the time, so Joey decided to become man of the house and take on an authoritarian and bossy role.
The doctor who called me bossy last week said I was doubly bossy today!
Tributes pour in thick and fast from Lapotaire: ‘She was completely in charge of the crew without being bossy .’