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boss / босс, хозяин, шеф
имя существительное
boss, honcho, man, master
host, owner, master, boss, proprietor, manager
chief, boss, honcho, patron, old man
dispose of, control, order, boss, instruct, hold the balance
control, manage, run, drive, operate, boss
boss, boss the show
имя существительное
a person in charge of a worker or organization.
I asked my boss for a promotion
a round knob, stud, or other protuberance, in particular.
First you need a blank boss , indoors preferably (garage, hallway or sports hall) at 12 inches from the end of your long rod.
a cow.
give (someone) orders in a domineering manner.
plump old battle-axes bossing everyone around
имя прилагательное
excellent; outstanding.
she's a real boss chick
The ENTIRE point of blogs is being the boss and controlling content.
Its central boss depicts The Fall of Man showing Adam tempted by the fruit of the serpent-entwined tree.
Inside, Citroën stylists have also gone to town, especially on the steering wheel, which features a static central boss around which the rim revolves.
However, a sword, a battle-axe, a shield boss and a spearhead were still inside the grave.
The western bay of the vault, built in 1362, carries a hanging boss suspended by eight dramatic flying ribs.
The tribunal heard that Mr Cahill had at one time worked under Mr Clark before a series of promotions eventually put him in charge of his former boss at the company's Thorp Arch headquarters.
Traditionally, men are supposed to be in control and be the boss at work.
While a fragmented helmet had been unusually wrought from one piece of iron, the shield boss and sword pommel can only be paralleled by Swedish finds.
It does take a while to get used to, but remember, to teach your dog anything, you must be the leader and the boss .
Thorfast would at least have had a heavy wooden shield with a metal boss that he'd have held on his left arm. and an eight-foot-long, metal-tipped ash spear.