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bosom / грудь, лоно, недра
имя существительное
chest, breast, bosom, petto
bosom, womb
bosom, subsoil, bowels, entrails, bowels of the earth
прятать за пазуху
хранить в тайне
имя существительное
a woman's chest.
her ample bosom
имя прилагательное
(of a friend) close or intimate.
the two girls had become bosom friends
The months ahead seem rife with arduous ER shifts, lavish vacations with bosom friends and endless opportunities to glam up for nocturnal lounging.
Torrance and James are bosom buddies, and unless the issue is quickly defused at a meeting on Tuesday, there will inevitably be tension when the main players collide.
With a playful interest, Sibyl remembered what Bridget had done, and following her example, lowered her chest and slipped a hand beneath her bosom to raise it.
All this flies in the face of many right wingers who like to claim that nursery education is positively harmful to children, who should be left to be brought up in the bosom of the home.
There seemed little love lost between the two during the match but while they will probably never be bosom buddies Hulme admits he has now changed his perception of the oft-maligned Savage.
We celebrate with her when she is returned to the bosom of her family and her town folks, and when, one day, she climbs the steps of the U.S. Capitol to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor.
As biographer to Custer and bosom friend to ‘Jannie’ Smuts, this man had seen the world and shaped its course.
The book was taken to the bosom of America, was a No. 1 best-seller last year and is still on the best-selling lists in hardcover and paperback.
The banished nurse sat with her tiny bee-friend nestled in her bosom .
For the record, I have absolutely no bosom friends in the club and am only an interested outsider who has become increasingly depressed about the state of our supposedly top racecourse.