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bosnia / босния
имя существительное
a region in the Balkans that forms the larger, northern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
As centuries passed, these Bosniaks came to regard themselves as perfect Croats.
Now they are returning to reclaim those properties from the Bosniaks who took refuge there, creating resentment among Bosniaks at what many see as double standards by the international community.
Ismet lives in Zenica inside the Bosniak Federation.
The category of ‘Muslim’ was created in the 1980's to offer Bosniacs and other Slavic Muslims a nationhood and thus a group enfranchisement that would be parallel to that of Bosnian Croats, and Serbs, but the term led to contradictions.
Like all other ethnic minorities in Kosovo, the Bosniaks and Gorani have now an increased level of fear and their confidence in existing security systems has been subject to the same erosions as other groups.