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borscht / борщ
имя существительное
borscht, borsch
имя существительное
a soup made with beets and usually served with sour cream, associated with the cuisine of eastern and central Europe, especially Russia, Poland, and Ukraine.
From Russian borscht (a beetroot soup) to banana samal (a Southern Indian dish), he hoped to give the children the opportunity of trying something new and healthy.
Jack laughed at that, shook his head, and began serving supper - a bowl of borscht with sour cream and rye bread, perogies and cabbage-rolls and good kolbassa sausage.
The young tender leaves have a fresh, palate cleansing taste and make a delicious addition to a salad; mature leaves can be pureed to make green sauce for fish, French Cream of Sorrel soup, or a variety of Russian borscht .
Guests were invited to drink shots of vodka and eat cold borscht soup from tin bowls, while loud speakers blared old communist hymns.
Excellent borscht is $1.50; seven oversize, overstuffed pierogi made from scratch are $3.80.
We look to the Russians for that blood-coloured soup, borscht ; we eat them cold with pasty, yellow mustard or horseradish sauce and the recent trend of pasta dyed with beetroot juice makes for nothing more than creative viewing.
If the Russians win one game, I will eat this column shredded at high noon in a bowl of borscht on the front steps of the Russian Embassy.
The other hearty soups include a meaty goulash, sauerkraut or an excellent beet borscht , which is both strong and round on the tongue.
The French have already been dealt with and I can now tell you Russian borscht will never again be soup-of-the-day.
It was therefore the food of the Ashkenazi - chopped liver and gefilte fish, salt beef and latkes, cholent and borscht - which predominated there for many years.
I think that night of borscht and vodka and all sorts of other Russian traditions made us champions.