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borrow / заимствовать, занимать, брать на время
borrow, adopt, naturalize
occupy, take, hold, borrow, engage, take up
брать на время
имя существительное
pledge, deposit, guarantee, bail, security, borrow
отрицательный перенос
guarantee, surety, bail, security, pledge, borrow
take and use (something that belongs to someone else) with the intention of returning it.
he had borrowed a car from one of his colleagues
имя существительное
a slope or other irregularity on a golf course that must be compensated for when playing a shot.
I played the round in the company of an ancient caddie, unusually talkative for a Scot, who shaped the sightlines of the present to the borrow of the past.
By joining your local lending library, you can borrow several books at a time without charge, unless you return them late and get fined.
Meanwhile, retired dairy farmer Ted Dibble has vowed to borrow a horse and return to the sport if the Government's anti-hunting proposal becomes law.
If we continue the investigation we have: From this point on, we have to borrow a ten in order to make the ‘units’ have the 2 digits needed for the next Fibonacci number.
She had mostly kept to herself, venturing only to the library to borrow books.
In doing so, it may be appropriate for us to borrow some of the best practices of international firms operating in our energy sector.
I'll just borrow some clothes and return them later.
lower interest rates will make it cheaper for individuals to borrow
This hole provides a challenge: the right is nothing but trouble and the huge green has both slope and borrow to conclude a fine golf hole.
Librarian Maureen Cusack can obtain books for anyone wishing to borrow books which are not available in the library.
After breakfast I had a long shower then we walked over the hill so that i could borrow books.