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borough / район, город, один из пяти районов Нью-Йорка
имя существительное
district, area, region, neighborhood, borough, zone
city, town, place, borough, burg
один из пяти районов Нью-Йорка
имя существительное
a town or district that is an administrative unit, in particular.
But modern life has moved beyond such administrative units as boroughs and as a result, the need for wardens has diminished.
What you would expect is that we get hold of the local borough commander or the unit head and ask them to first of all look into it.
I know that the whole motorcycle community in the borough and the local clubs will share my enthusiasm.
Also, the council are looking at changing the signing for towns in the borough to improve local identity in the area.
Parish, borough and county councillor Alan Whittaker is a fierce opponent of a regional assembly.
Mr Ashton has contacted county council, borough council and parish council chiefs.
The situation with regard to the Chalet School appears to parallel that of the borough 's primary unit for severely dyslexic pupils, now closing.
Now, rail bosses, the neighbourhood watch, the town council and the borough council are putting their heads together to find a solution.
The idea for the business came from a number of tenants from different estates in inner Rochdale and elsewhere in the borough .
Now the borough council has invited town councillors to a meeting to discuss issues connected with the town centre and its regeneration.
Audley was a lawyer from Essex, who became town clerk of Colchester in 1514 and was elected to Parliament for the borough in 1523.