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borneo / борнео
имя существительное
a large island in the Malay Archipelago that is comprised of Kalimantan (a region of Indonesia), Sabah and Sarawak (states of Malaysia), and Brunei.
We also consulted several Bornean wildlife experts.
In addition, my family included nine dogs, about 40 ducks and domestic fowls, eight geese, a Bornean deer that weighed about 150 pounds, and two long-armed apes.
Ornithological data from swamps in the Bornean rainforests shows that they support six species of hornbills, three species of pigeons and hill mynas among other species.
The book's back matter includes a distributional table, listing each species and indicating in which of 13 Bornean subregions it occurs (this includes six fringing island groups).
The storm is very fierce, and they are cast out to sea, which they think is because the anchor has broken, but it is in fact because they have been towed by, apparently, Bornean natives.
Then there is what we call the Bornean variant, because only in Bornean sites have people seen that orangutans kiss on leaves instead of on their hands — and sometimes on single leaves.
The seven species are human, common chimpanzee, pygmy chimpanzee, gorilla, Bornean orangutan, Sumatran orangutan, and common gibbon.
For instance, there isn't just one species of orangutan, there are two, the Sumatran and the Bornean orangutans.
I studied five of the nine Bornean species in the genus Tupaia: the mountain, the slender, the plain, the lesser, and the large treeshrews.
We also consulted several Bornean wildlife experts — some thought it looked like a lemur, but most were convinced it was a new species of carnivore.