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borer / сверло, бурильщик, бур
имя существительное
drill, bit, auger, borer, perforator
driller, borer, holer
Boer, drill, auger, bit, borer, cutter
имя существительное
a worm, mollusk, insect, or insect larva that bores into wood, other plant material, or rock.
Thus, the hypothesized paleoclimate of the two fossil localities fits well within the range in which both insect and mite wood borers are found today.
a tool for boring.
They consist of a large number of carefully made large blades and flakes and an unusually high proportion of finished tools including backed knives, scrapers and borers .
So, when the corn borer nibbles on the plant, the borer dies.
The adult of the raspberry crown borer is a clearwing moth with a wingspan of 1 1/4 inches.
The goal is to make the fungus thrive in the coffee plant, exposing the borer to it, Vega says.
By day the trapper would check the snares on the mountainside, carve the meat and pelts off the caught animals, and store them away, while in the long, bitter nights, he would work the knife and borer against both ice and stone.
Tools consist now of bone, wood and stone, made up as an adze, knife blade, borer , arrow or spearhead.
The tools were a saw, a pipe borer or tube drills for wine reduction, and a carpenter's drill or brace with a tightening screw.
Turning it over, I notice the slight tracks of insects, perhaps the work of a borer or laboring ant.
So they just assume that some as-yet-unidentified borer drilled the holes.
Chinese farmers planted this field with genetically modified rice engineered to resist two insect pests, the stem borer and the leaf roller.
Stalk borer larvae injure corn plants in June and early July.