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boredom / скука
имя существительное
boredom, bore, tedium, ennui, weariness, monotony
имя существительное
the state of feeling bored.
the boredom of afternoon duty could be relieved by friendly conversation
Every time the boys' boredom threatens to go off like a klaxon, she produces another palliative.
Emotional eating is a big problem for lots of people, and so is eating out of boredom , or habit.
The mild suggestion of boredom he affects can't disguise a hint of testiness.
I'll die of boredom if I live that long
You know, I think one of the problems I'm having at the moment is a deep and unassailable boredom .
On the contrary, it has brought us obsessions with work, stress and boredom .
We fear boredom, yet it is from boredom that real and productive imaginative play is spawned.
Local teenagers blamed the disturbances on boredom , and what they see as a total lack of things for them to do in the area.
I read somewhere the other day about boredom being necessary for creativity.
The accident, along with endless months of pain and boredom in hospital, failed to break her spirit.