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boreal / северный
имя прилагательное
northern, Nordic, north, northerly, boreal, arctic
имя прилагательное
of the North or northern regions.
The alleged bureaucratic ubiquity of the Teutonic world is not really being treated as conditional on the truth of a contingent claim about those hardy Boreal nomads of the Arctic.
The temperate and boreal forests along with the arctic tundra of these four provinces are extremely fragile.
Ecologically, the coast is a mixture of tundra, taiga, boreal , and marine biomes.
The birches (Betula L.) are common trees and shrubs of the boreal and north temperate zones of the Northern hemisphere.
When you flood boreal forests and taiga, you do produce methane.
The limited growing season produces a more stunted boreal forest unlike the more uniform forests typical of other Quebec boreal regions.
The effects of slash-and-burn cultivation on soil are more critical in the tropical regions than in boreal forests.
Moose and caribou share the region's tundra and boreal forests with arctic foxes, wolves, lynx, and black bears.
Maybe it is time to redefine and reevaluate the ‘pristine’ forest reserves of boreal Sweden.
The Siberian northern boreal forests, called Taiga, where the fires were burning are mainly spruce and fir trees.
In the summer, storms bring forest fires to the boreal zone.