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bore / скука, скважина, диаметр отверстия
имя существительное
boredom, bore, tedium, ennui, weariness, monotony
well, hole, bore, chink, slit, ear
диаметр отверстия
bother, annoy, nag, bore, pall, pester
drill, bore, cut
drill, bore, pick
имя существительное
the hollow part inside a gun barrel or other tube.
Barrels have ventilated ribs, hard-chromed bores , interchangeable choke tubes (three provided) and lengthened forcing cones to reduce recoil.
a person whose talk or behavior is dull and uninteresting.
a crashing bore who tells the same old jokes over and over
a steep-fronted wave caused by the meeting of two tides or by the constriction of a tide rushing up a narrow estuary.
The largest bores occur on 25 days a year, in the morning and evening, with biggest bores on tides over 32’.
make (a hole) in something, especially with a revolving tool.
they bored holes in the sides
make one's way through (a crowd).
When he bores fastballs and sharp breaking pitches into the hands of righthanders, they have trouble getting around on them, even if they see them longer.
make (someone) feel weary and uninterested by tedious talk or dullness.
rather than bore you with all the details, I'll hit some of the bright spots
(of a person) carry.
he was bearing a tray of brimming glasses
walls that cannot bear a stone vault
endure (an ordeal or difficulty).
she bore the pain stoically
give birth to (a child).
she bore six daughters
turn and proceed in a specified direction.
bear left and follow the old road
He allegedly claimed he had a 12- bore shotgun and threatened officers, a bailiff and officials after they turned up to throw him out.
The course can sometimes be a bore but I find the major subjects quite interesting.
It's a chore and a bore and it makes me sore not to mention poor!
Whenever a person tries to bore you with endless talk on dull topics and unrelated ones, silence him to encore again by inserting cotton into your ears or listening to songs from a walkman.
She on the other hand is a complete washout and a complete bore .
Being parallel to the bore , the rails offered a mounting solution that aimed the light perfectly.
In recent days, they have been peppered with them as if they were buckshot from a 12- bore .
Pistol or revolver barrels sometimes have a small ring in the bore caused by getting a bullet stuck and then shooting again.
When there, I risked being a real bore by showing some Bowie video clips while we ate and got through two bottles of appallingly horrible wine.
Quite simply, the film is a bore .