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borderline / граница, демаркационная линия
имя существительное
border, boundary, limit, bound, frontier, borderline
демаркационная линия
line of demarcation, borderline
имя прилагательное
boundary, borderline, frontier, limitrophe, conterminal, conterminous
находящийся на грани
имя существительное
a line marking a border.
The state secretary for maritime affairs stationed naval ships at the 12-mile borderline to ensure that the vessel didn't enter his country's waters.
имя прилагательное
barely acceptable in quality or as belonging to a category; on the borderline.
references may be requested in borderline cases
His accent is nearly impeccable, and I was listening closely for him to slip up (I'm borderline obsessed with Brits doing American accents).
Nationality nouns (Americans, a New Zealander, the Japanese) lie on the borderline between proper and common nouns.
I have been told that I am borderline dangerously overweight.
Recently I developed borderline high blood sugar, and my doctor recommended that I cut down on carbohydrates.
Hitting coach Gerald Perry says opponents are pitching Buhner tougher than anyone in the lineup, and he has reacted to some borderline called strikes by chasing a few pitches he usually takes.
‘They probably would have been borderline 10 years ago,’ Deane said.
‘I'm getting base hits because the pitcher isn't getting borderline strikes called,’ Johnson says.
That's right on the borderline between a Category 2 and Category 3 and this could very well become a Category 3 hurricane.
It was typical of his work, very much on the borderline between mathematics and physical science, and exhibiting technical skill in classical analysis that is rare nowadays.
The Seminar room is prominently located at the river front, towards the borderline of the property.