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borderland / пограничная область, пограничная полоса, промежуточная область
имя существительное
пограничная область
пограничная полоса
borderland, marchland, march
промежуточная область
имя существительное
the district near a border.
Over 60 percent of the settlers came from England's borderlands region surrounding the Irish Sea: the Scottish lowlands, northern Ireland, and the six northern counties of England.
Youth within the economic and cultural geography of neoliberal capitalism occupy a borderland in which the desiring machine of commodification exists side by side with the imposing threat of the prison-industrial complex.
Prison is a cultural borderland - both a site on the edge of normality and a place within which subordinate cultures press up against each other, competing among themselves for power.
the murky borderland between history and myth
That kind of research is in a gray, borderland area.
The detective figure in the hard-boiled story, then, operates in a frequently murky borderland between good and evil, where he can never be sure at any given time which is which.
Many of these writers worked in the shadowy borderland between Academia, Bohemia, and Grub Street.
Plagued by tribal warfare, autocratic and murderous government, and an inefficient and corruption-ridden economy, it is trapped on the bloody borderland between primitivism and civilization.
The whole area of the borderland between what is normal aging and very, very early Alzheimer's disease is an intensively investigated area of research currently.
Taken as a whole the book makes the point that the new fledgling field of ‘economic sociology’ has made valuable contributions on the borderland between economics and the other social sciences.
the murky borderland between history and myth