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bordello / бордель, публичный дом
имя существительное
brothel, whorehouse, bordello, bordel, house, bawdy house
публичный дом
brothel, whorehouse, bordello, bawdy house, cathouse, bagnio
имя существительное
a brothel.
It was also here that the music and dance of the tango, once described as vertical flirting, was born among the brothels and bordellos of Necochea, a street that today is lined with pizzerias, cantinas and gift shops.
Kirk accompanies Moore on a ride to his desert bordello , stays in a trailer known as the Fantasy Bungalow, prays with brothel staff and learns a thing or two about heartbreak, burro races, and uncontrollable grief and lust.
In 1897, he moved to England, where he and his common-law wife, former hostess of a Florida bordello , took up permanent residence in Brede Place, a storied castle.
For example, she quickly transforms the lackluster Mulatto Boys Boarding School into a prosperous plantation serving also as a model institution, a battered wives refuge, and a night-time bordello for rich visitors.
The direct answer to your question is that this is not normal behavior toward any man of any age, except perhaps in a bordello .
Done up in much velvet plush, with dark red drapes and ornate chandeliers hanging from gilded ceilings, there's a definite air of the Baroque bordello to proceedings.
What of the many problematic representations of women, especially the happy prostitutes of the Jahalia bordello ?
His Hollywood hills living room was transformed into a lurid cross between a bordello , a crack house, a late-night talk show, and Andy Warhol's Factory.
Looking at them, you really do think of twirling lariats, and here the vaguely bordello colors, along with a kind of supercharged motion, suggest a semi-frantic, but also humorous, licentiousness.
Word spread of the vast deposits of copper ore, and miners flocked to the high desert, bringing with them such support services as saloons and bordellos .
It is like writing about the virtues of a preacher who keeps carelessly getting himself arrested in bordellos .