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borage / огуречник аптечный
имя существительное
огуречник аптечный
имя существительное
a herbaceous plant with bright blue flowers and hairy leaves, used medicinally and as a salad green.
Collect herb flowers such as borage and chamomile just before full flowering.
Adventurous herbalists like to experiment with basil, oregano and rosemary, also including the more exotic plants like sweet woodruff, lemon grass and borage .
Coriander, oregano, camomile, and borage are both blue and white flowered and if happy self-seed all over the place.
Imagine my delight then when I popped into the organic shop and saw not only bountiful bags of salad but salad with flowers, the edible kind like nasturtiums, borage , wild pansies and pot marigolds.
Try fennel for the Anise Swallowtail; lupine for blues; hollyhocks and borage for the Painted Lady; and grasses for satyrs and skippers.
Edible flowers such as nasturtium, calendula, and borage do well at the base.
Painted Ladies, which instinctively lay their eggs on thistle plants, also find an acceptable substitute in the hairy leaves of borage .
A member of the borage family, common heliotrope is one of about 250 Heliotropium species, but it is the only one widely grown in gardens.
The motorway verges and embankments have been sown with wildflower seed which are now producing traditional meadow plants, including borage , primula and oxeye daisies.
This is simply an extension of the local habit of continually wandering about tweaking bits of tasty food off the hillsides: wild asparagus, mushrooms, fennel, borage , wild garlic, lemons.
Sprinkle with chopped mint or coriander and some bright petals - calendula, borage , courgette flowers or anything edible.