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bop / бибоп, удар
имя существительное
bop, bebop
hit, impact, blow, strike, shock, bop
slam, mar, ram, lash out, catch, bop
имя существительное
a blow or light punch.
All Zephyr had to do to quiet him was bop him softly on the arm, and he cried out in pain.
dance to pop music.
bopping to the radio while they made breakfast
hit; punch lightly.
I warned him I'd bop him on the nose if he tried it
These harmonies, however, fit into the jazz idiom just as bop made its way into the mainstream, enriching both.
As the Vandermark reference suggests, what makes this band a joy to listen to is that they are part of that fraction of the jazz world that is not afraid to combine the energies unleashed by both bop and free jazz in a joyous mix.
Chet's was an economical, West Coast jazz style, unlike the hard bop of the East Coast which was much harder, faster and higher.
Was someone going to bop me on the head to take my change?
Instead of advancing the case of hard bop like Blakey, he wanted to build bridges between rock, soul and jazz.
Intially I assumed that it was deliberately harmful, but the more I think about it, perhaps it's intended more as the bop on the head from your zen master.
Originally of the hard bop school, Ayers embraced the strains of black music coming from the radio, incorporating more R&B smoothness and disco push into his jazz-based playing.
Inside it's split over three levels and more hectic, with weekend clubbers cramming in to bop and bounce to everything from house to hip-hop.
An awesome bandleader, Eckstine first fronted a bop big band with musicians who established the vocabulary of modern jazz.
Everyone, including the characters, are better served by the hard bop than this bluesy, shapeless jazz, with its rare but painful false notes.