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boozy / пьяный, поддатый, под мухой
имя прилагательное
drunk, drunken, inebriate, pissed, screwed, boozy
screwy, boozy, tipsy, screwed, screwed up, stinko
под мухой
tipsy, awash, boozy, bousy
имя прилагательное
intoxicated; addicted to drink.
the boozy and drugged-out wreckage of his later years
Afterward, he heads for a downtown bar, a den of boozy young people being assaulted by rust-belt karaoke singers.
And why shouldn't they have been boozy philanderers?
Churchill and I, in repeated cycles, suffer through the classic three stages of happy hour: boozy bonhomie, injurious repartee, then schmaltzy reconciliation.
It doesn't have the boozy recklessness of the harder Stranger's Almanac, nor does it have the delicate emotional fragility of Heartbreaker.
For many students, that translates into four years of late nights, pizza banquets and boozy weekends that start on Wednesday.
‘Sideways,’ the Oscar-winning film about two buddies touring the central California wine country on the eve of the wedding of one of them, is one long and boozy man date.
Anyway, First Step is slightly darker and less boozy in tone than the later Faces albums are, but that's not to say that it's either dark or sober, because it sure ain't.
Maybe once a year, at Christmas parties and such, he talks to Marianne - boozy , sociable conversations that, strangely, he finds himself thinking about later.
Yet the story's emotional center is Evangeline's boozy husband, Warren Slote, a soul-ravaged World War II veteran.
When we first see the rooster, he's gargling some water, and he's bleary-eyed; obviously, he just got up after a long boozy night.