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boozer / алкаш, пьяница, пивная
имя существительное
wino, drunkard, boozer, dipso, oilhead, bibber
drunkard, drinker, boozer, tippler, lush, toper
pub, brasserie, alehouse, beerhouse, porterhouse, boozer
имя существительное
a person who drinks large quantities of alcohol.
It won't stop alcoholics or regular boozers but it will moderate consumption.
We had both known Nick for years and years; he used to be the manager at our local boozer , so we knew we could trust him.
Somehow that post-tour pint is always more satisfying than a trip to your local boozer , it is as if you have earned the right to be drinking it.
She was deadly serious, confessing like a boozer at Alcoholics Anonymous.
Although clearly not one of York's oldest pubs, the boozer does have a proud and well-recorded history.
But they are not in a boozer , drinking beer and spirits.
In our own inimitable style, the team retired to the local boozer to drink beer, play drinking games and sing the occasional song.
At the risk of merely confirming Stephen's description of the Brit boozer , I've been drunk or been with drunken people in most parts of Europe and on the whole it has been fun.
That could have been half the cast I saw drinking outside the redbrick boozer by the station.
That evening, the twins held a celebratory drink at their favourite boozer , The Blind Beggar.
We all live near to each other so us lads decided to have a night on the town - nothing much really, a few drinks in our local boozer , but it was a good laugh all the same.