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booze / выпивка, пьянка, попойка
имя существительное
binge, booze, libation, wet, souse, jag
booze, spree
buster, booze, revelry, blinder, bender, carouse
drink, booze, tope, be on the booze, tipple, soak
booze, make sour, sot, bib, boose
get drunk, booze, boose, become drunk, swizzle
имя существительное
alcohol, especially hard liquor.
they turn to booze to beat work pressure
drink alcohol, especially in large quantities.
you used to booze a lot on expensive hard liquor
While we were never stupid about it, most of that side certainly liked going out on the booze .
There was also tea on offer for 60 cents a person, as well as a variety of juices, pops and booze .
And of course the extra booze drunk during festivities can quickly cause a gut to expand.
If you do have an early start, take it easy the night before, especially on the booze .
I have always had a very rocky relationship with booze and used to drink a fair bit every evening.
We had food, wine, booze , a cute bartender, and an excellent mix of people and music.
A huge crowd from the good old days turned up to support her and drink the free booze .
A hangover should be the least of men's worries after a night on the booze , according to new research.
I've cut down on the booze to the point where I go days without a tipple.
It is a unique perspective and one the majority of their booze quaffing customers probably could not conceive.