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bootylicious / bootylicious
имя прилагательное
(of a woman) sexually attractive.
Sexism seems to be making a comeback, too, with bootylicious babes everywhere, and attractive young TV news presenters being dismissed as autocuties or anchorettes.
The bootylicious chick so crazy in love is the hottest - and nicest - star of the year
In short, you're looking at Britain's most bootylicious mid-range estate.
Charlene poses as the kids' nanny and, through her bootylicious self, teaches everyone a little bit.
Also packaged with the bootylicious artwork is a DJ mix disc.
Third generation operators, constantly under attack for the huge debt their licences have incurred, may have found a saviour more bootylicious than bursary, according to a new report.
And it's not just the ubiquitous bootylicious message that folks are complaining about.
Serena, in particular, has caused a stir with her black studded tennis ensembles, the black Shox Boots from her Nike collection and the infamous black cat suit that was roundly deemed bootylicious .
That's not to say that Green gets all bootylicious here, but with tracks like ‘Wish We Could Go Back’ and ‘Mad,’ she infuses a more rhythmic sensibility into her sound.
The show is a result of North's belief that our bootylicious pop-culture world is just so ripe for parody.
That one suit that makes your bust look beautiful, your stomach look stunning, your legs look long and lean, and your booty, well, bootylicious ?