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booty / добыча, трофеи, награбленное добро
имя существительное
production, prey, mining, extraction, spoil, booty
booty, haul, spoils of war, salvage, captured material
награбленное добро
loot, booty, plunder, spoil, swag
имя существительное
valuable stolen goods, especially those seized in war.
the militias supply themselves with booty from the raided civilian populations
a person's buttocks.
It seems the bottom - or rather, the booty - has dropped out of the hip-hop market.
On Saturday night, May 7, these guys will be throwing down all the pirate booty from their travels over at Back to Basics at Blue Dog.
Harry talks about the excise men being bamboozled by coffins being carried up the hill and across the moors containing, of course, smuggled booty rather than bodies.
Each of the four girls of Sisterhood, even the friend with the booty bigger than everyone else's and the jock with legs no jeans ever fit, looks hot in the Pants.
The raiders gave up their hunt for booty and did not try and steal anything from the salon, preferring instead, it appears, to beat a shame-faced retreat.
The Queen's interest in the booty that could be seized from Spanish galleons was not simply greed but necessity.
This time it was FedEx, delivering the latest booty from Amazon.
you're picky about the music you firm your booty to
The way the two factions split their booty is very likely to affect Taiwan's economy.
It may surprise some to learn that the Crusades were almost never profitable, since booty was so scarce.
Such feasts might take place at inauguration ceremonies such as dynastic weddings, or to accompany the distribution of loot or booty from raids or trading expeditions.