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bootstrap / начальная загрузка, ушко, петля
имя существительное
начальная загрузка
ear, tab, eyelet, lug, tag, bootstrap
loop, hinge, noose, buttonhole, mesh, bootstrap
имя существительное
a loop at the back of a boot, used to pull it on.
He pulled two small daggers from his bootstraps and shrugged.
a technique of loading a program into a computer by means of a few initial instructions that enable the introduction of the rest of the program from an input device.
We first used the model to estimate slippage rates and the bootstrap from statistics to compute confidence intervals.
the technique of starting with existing resources to create something more complex and effective.
we see the creative act as a bootstrap process
get (oneself or something) into or out of a situation using existing resources.
the company is bootstrapping itself out of a marred financial past
имя прилагательное
(of a person or project) using one's own resources rather than external help.
a bootstrap capitalist's trip up the entrepreneurial ladder
The file ldlinux.sys is the bootstrap loader that loads the kernel (the file named linux) and initial root.lrp package into memory.
Percentage bootstrap values were computed over 2,000 replications.
An estimator and the associated standard error may be computed by the bootstrap procedure: data are resampled randomly with replacement, and the mean and standard deviation then calculated.
This latest virus attack then used a bootstrap effect: computers already infected with Sober.n or Sober.p were then updated with Sober.q.
These distributions are critical as inputs to the bootstrap technique that will be used to perform the macro versus micro comparison.
Consider how Cecelia Capture's rise from reservation poverty and the status of welfare mother to successful law student reads on the surface like an affirmation of classic American bootstrap values.
We can bootstrap emergent democracy by using the tools to develop the tools and create concrete examples of emergent democracy.
We first used the model to estimate slippage rates and the bootstrap from statistics to compute confidence intervals.
It is likely that this, too, is a function of the incompleteness of certain taxa in the data matrix, which increases ambiguity under resampling techniques such as the bootstrap .
The plaque was the club's idea, just one more way it has tried to bootstrap itself into instant glory.