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bootee / детский вязаный башмачок, теплый дамский ботинок
имя существительное
детский вязаный башмачок
теплый дамский ботинок
While racing, the dogs wear special water resistant booties .
I snapped on three pairs of gloves and two sets of booties over work boots and stepped inside a large plastic moon suit.
No matter what your stance on these clunky, cozy booties , it's not going to stop quite yet.
With the perfect mix of performance and fashion, this sport lifestyle shoe's most innovative feature is the removable interior bootie .
Does their work and data make up for the numerous impacts of many a well-turned ankle clad in contoured Dior bootees ?
Contrary to health and safety regulations, the Duke refused to wear a hairnet and bootees while touring a factory in the Australian farming town of Wagga Wagga, rendering that day's production useless.
New this year, the waterproof neoprene Gaiter booties slip over running shoes or hiking boots.
You've bought the Gucci diamond-studded collar, the Prada booties and booked a minibreak at the dog spa.
A couple of pairs of polyester rich socks, topped with a nice thick pair of hiking style socks and a pair of thinsulate booties will give your feet a fighting chance of staying if not warm then bearable.
He outfitted the animals with rawhide booties to protect their feet from the gravel and rock of the treacherous trails.