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bootable / загрузочный
имя прилагательное
(of a disk) containing the software required to boot a computer.
Whether a tech makes house calls or has a shop, the tools of the trade should include a bootable disk, virus software, and diagnostic programs.
Not long ago, I used to be able to cruise some of the local white box stores and find bootable install CDs for $5 or $10.
It allows you to make the drive bootable , and you can also repartition the disk here, although any data resident at the time will be lost.
If it uses the FAT32 file format, any bootable floppy disk will do.
Also, there is no easy way to make copies of the CD-ROMs (especially bootable copies) without removing them from the server, which makes them unavailable for network users.
The adapter can be used as a high-speed bootable source for operating systems.
A bootable CD that provides a completely self-contained and fully functional desktop?
I have a couple of desktop machines here which purport to be bootable from a USB drive, but I haven't managed to get either to do that trick yet.
The second and simpler way was to use the command to create a bootable floppy disk carrying the ROM image and thus get the installation running.
In both cases the exercise was completed in under 20 minutes, and the computers were bootable with their respectively new drives immediately.
It allows you create to multiple partitions and install different bootable operating systems in each partition.