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booster / усилитель, бустер, помощник
имя существительное
amplifier, enhancer, booster, magnifier
booster, compensator
assistant, helper, mate, aide, help, booster
имя существительное
a person or thing that helps increase or promote something, in particular.
Volunteer work, in particular, can be an immense confidence booster .
a shoplifter.
They offer expensive hi-tech gadgets as free gifts in return for spending £20 or similar on a low-value product such as a mobile telephone signal booster .
athletic booster clubs
Edward DiLoreto, who owns a local engineering firm, wanted to buy the $400 ad to benefit the Downey High School baseball booster club.
The crime he committed has nothing to do with having an antenna booster , but that doesn't stop the reporter from talking about WiFi networks.
job fairs are a great morale booster
Have you seen the ‘Dilbert’ cartoon in which the pointy-haired boss asks his secretary to organize a morale booster ?
Delaying vaccination until 15 months of age or adding a booster vaccination might solve this problem.
How will you include parents, booster club, and students?
In a country where it is illegal to organize many types of public meetings, fans formed booster clubs and canvassed malls to court prospective voters.
They both protrude about the same distance from the side of your notebook, but at first I thought that the phone card didn't have a connector for a booster antenna.