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boost / форсировать, повышать, способствовать росту
force, boost, cross, overload
raise, enhance, boost, up, promote, elevate
способствовать росту
имя существительное
support, maintenance, backing, aid, endorsement, boost
acceleration, boost, precipitation, pickup, jump, speed-up
boost, pressurization
имя существительное
a source of help or encouragement leading to increase or improvement.
the cut in interest rates will give a further boost to the economy
help or encourage (something) to increase or improve.
a range of measures to boost tourism
Carmakers and retailers also anticipate a boost amid evidence that growth in consumer spending is slowing.
They used earpieces to boost the signals coming in whenever they were in a crowd.
One plant in particular could soon become a major boost for the local economy.
The first capacitor is discharged to boost a voltage at the boosting node, whereas the second capacitor is discharged to boost the voltage at an output terminal.
He cited as an example that the government encouraged companies to boost their exports without improving the infrastructure or efficiency.
Therefore, one or more optical regenerators is spliced along the cable to boost the degraded light signals.
This development could prove a tremendous boost for the economy.
a boost in exports
a boost in exports
These other cultural factors help to promote a positive image of Italy abroad and encourage tourism and boost the economy.