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bookstall / книжный киоск, книжный ларек
имя существительное
книжный киоск
bookstall, newsstand
книжный ларек
имя существительное
a stand where books are sold, typically secondhand.
A good number of members joined and the room was greatly appreciated by those who lived in outside places, away from the railway, bookstalls and newsagents.
There will be various stalls including a bookstall , cake stall, bric-a-brac and tombola.
The Minister was doing a signing session for her new book at the Tory conference bookstall .
There will also be a mind, body and spirit bookstall , flower essences and aloe vera products for sale, and a café area providing healthy refreshments.
His routine begins with receiving as many as 40 books meant for both children and adults in English and Tamil from a bookstall at the Anna Bus Stand.
The ambience is one of art and history, the main focus of this 57-year-old bookstall on Brigade Road.
The publishing phenomenon of the year hit the national news - and every airport bookstall in the country.
One reader, describing the paucity of music available, compared it to ‘an airport bookstall , only without the gum and cigarettes’.
While I am enjoying the sunshine, I browse the second hand bookstall .
One hot afternoon I picked up a book on a second-hand bookstall in the old town and I read that the literary career is ‘une affaire de longue haleine’.
We're all familiar with the simple urban pleasure of browsing around open air bookstalls looking for that elusive first edition.