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bookshop / книжный магазин
имя существительное
книжный магазин
bookstore, bookshop
second-hand bookshop
As the year draws to a close, a plethora of sports books is hitting the bookshops .
We pottered around bookstores and junkshops, and had falafels for lunch.
She had spent the day of release for her latest book at two different bookstores .
Most of those quaint and charming bookstores have sold out to pizzerias and chain stores.
Since then Hunt has been searching used bookstores for the book but has never found it.
The company went public in 1992 and within two years was operating out of department stores and bookshops .
The Book is to be sold in Moscow bookshops and in other major cities in Russia.
In the month before Christmas, up to 80,000 copies of the book were being sold in British bookshops every week.
The intersection is steps away from independent bookstores , record shops, sushi joints and pubs.