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bookmark / закладка
имя существительное
bookmark, marker, bookmarker, backing, stowage, pack
имя существительное
a strip of leather, cardboard, or other material used to mark one's place in a book.
It contains books, journals, little cards and bookmarks .
record the address of (a website, file, etc.) to enable quick access in future.
if you think politics is the ultimate game, be sure to bookmark eVote
She placed the bookmark in her book, set it down on the chair beside her, stood, squared her shoulders and marched into the house.
Two separate competitions were held, to design a bookmark and to write a review of one's favourite book.
if you think politics is the ultimate game, be sure to bookmark eVote
He put his bookmark in his book, and bent to pick his other fallen books off of the ground.
I like to choose the right bookmark for the book I'm reading, and I like to laminate the ones I use a lot.
She stared at the shut door for a moment, before putting the supermarket receipt she used as a bookmark in to mark her place and carefully closing the book.
I use a bookmark and make any notes at the back of the book.
The bookmark was an 8 ½ inch leather strip with small lead weights at each end.
In the vain hope that if she ignored him, he might go away, she took out her book again, opening it to where her bookmark had marked her spot.
I asked and sat up, putting my bookmark in the book and setting it down on my bedside table.